March 3, 2021
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It almost writes itself. Fake Billionaire, uses fake money, to hide a fake two billion dollars. But of course, how else is Bobby Axelrod going to hide $2 Billion of money he can’t touch due to the feds?

As Billions season 3 gets under way, with indeed more cameos, Axe is strong arming all his minions into doing his bidding for him, because he can’t. His assets are frozen by the government, and he isn’t even running his hedge fund anymore.

This leads to him installing Taylor as his proxy CEO, while they try to buy hedge fund algorithms. The arrival of the algorithms throws off even the best of the traders at the firm, who fear that their jobs are out the door.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see the schemes that Axe will use to trade¬†cryptocurrency and we aren’t likely going to see which ones his people invest in for him. This paints a bad picture for the bitcoin supporters who see it as a new currency which will eventually replace the dollar. Right now it’s portrayal in pop culture are all scam-like or get rich quick schemes (as was in Silicon Valley), but at least two TV shows are indeed talking about it, even if it’s on a fringe level.

John J. Falco