May 28, 2020
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It’s not lost on me that the hypocritical king of traditional values was booted out of Fox News for his very public scandal which involved sexually harassing women. Fox News couldn’t save face with the advertisers leaving O’Reilly’s show. None of that is good.

It’s also not lost on me that the internet and late night comedians have reacted with glee at his downfall, but that might not be a good thing. It might not be a good thing in the sense that our political system is completely detached from reality right now.

For example, on The Good Fight’s season finale, top lawyer Adrian Boseman sees it too. He says, “There’s a whole lot of people who want to see this country fail.  It feels like something’s come detached. You know, like a piece of machinery that doesn’t sound right?” That’s exactly what it feels like out there in political world.

Not two years ago, you had political parties that stood on principles, values, and ideas. Eight years ago, this country accepted for the most part the first African-American President. Agree with him or not, it’s a tremendous glass ceiling that such a young country has been able to break.

President Obama might have been too naive for the job and a bit before his time. Too forward thinking in a time of great division. He lost the chance to become a truly great, unifier by focusing on petty issues that should never have been made national.

Trump is very much the same thing, except he has exactly no experience in politics and has backtracked on almost every single promise he has made in less than 100 days! This leaves the political system in limbo. It leaves political parties in shock. It leaves Republicans without a platform or a unified message and it leaves Democrats following pointless conspiracy theories about how bad the electoral college is.

If Donald Trump ran as a Republican “character,” it wouldn’t be that much different from how the rest of Conservative media operates. Back last year it was exposed that Rush Limbaugh does the same thing, through mumblings with the New York Times (everyone’s favorite punching bag) he has admitted that what he does is a business and that if possible, his conservative position could change to meet business demands.

For his part, during the primaries Rush took his time to warm up to Trump while colleague Sean Hannity jumped on the Trump train right away. Rush and O’Reilly eventually both “saw the light.” They started pushing for Trump hard, and blatantly lying to their audiences about his positions and his stances. I know it must be hard for people to keep up with all the flip-flopping, but they did a good job of it when Mitt Romney was the one doing it.

Now, me being anti-carbon tax, pro-GMO, and against Net Neutrality. I like a lot of those regulations that Trump has been able to do away with, but if you were read anything other than Fox News articles, it seems like those things mean the end of the world. Certain left leaning sources that pounce on this sensational bloviating and don’t even try to find one good thing in a Trump presidency. Even though, when looked at from an objective angle, there isn’t much there, I do admit Trump will be able to do something on the three things I actually care about.

However, just because I like some things Trump does. It doesn’t mean I’d prefer him over a more sensible Mitt Romney and I don’t believe for a second that any of the other 16 Republicans who ran against Trump would be doing things much different. Despite Trump’s rhetoric that he is. They at least would have a sense of duty, a sense of country, and some principles and understanding of how the government runs.

Trump doesn’t have these things, and much like Bill O’Reilly yelling at black people to act like white people and being the supposed champion of traditional values, his current scandal is just one card in the conservative media deck.

The house of cards that anti-immigration stances and Viagra vitamin pills has built is crumbling before our very eyes. I think it’s quite telling that the totality of the right wing media is being shot up in flames now that Republicans are in charge of everything. From their top rated news show, to their top rated radio show host Rush to conspiracy nutcase Alex Jones. They are either being accused of something that they can’t shake, or basically admit to the public that they are lying to them. I really liked some of the stuff the right wing media used to do, but now I know it’s all fake. It’s like they don’t know what to do with each other now that they won everything, so they end up getting stuck in their own poop. Everyone on the right needs to calm the F down a bit and let the Democrats do something stupid for a change.

I am highly disappointed in the right wing base. Especially traditional values religious fundamentals who all voted for Trump and continue to defend O’Reilly. Way to act civil guys… There are only so many times where you can blame this on the vast left wing conspiracy before you must admit that this is a systematic problem in that industry…

Maybe Charlie Sykes knew something and got out when he did because of that.  There are only so many times you can deny something bad is happening at Fox News. The culture is demeaning to say the least. The top two guys at fox news didn’t just leave because the vast left wing conspiracy got to them, but if their audience thinks that is why they left, that means the left won, right? So what was it all for in the first place?


John J. Falco