March 3, 2021
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In another move towards America’s Heartland, which apparently favors military themed stuff, Fox TV is developing Behind Enemy Lines into a TV Series.

Described as a Soapy Patriotic Thriller about a group of U.S. Soldiers as they get trapped behind enemy lines. The cast is supposed to be made up of ground soldiers, aircraft carrier soldiers and intelligence officers in DC.

While no one quite remembers what the actual plot of Behind Enemy Lines¬†the 2001 movie starring Owen Wilson, actually was. The film’s title and unfortunate catch phrase forever lies at the butt end of every military joke about their fellow soldiers getting left behind and stranded!

Fox TV desperately seems to want to recreate CBS’ Hawaii Five-0’s franchise reboot success by trying to reboot every project they could get their hands on, and since it’s 2017 it might just work.

John J. Falco