June 21, 2021
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Over the past two years there’s been a lot of jokes comparing Trump to Back to the Future’s Biff Tannen. It was confirmed that Biff is indeed based on Trump, and there’s been a video that compares our timeline to the timeline in Alternate 1985. Alt-Facts anyone?

Trump hasn’t let up on his Biff-esque qualities. In fact over the past month he has or his base would like you to believe that he has ramped them up. Is Trump about to reveal his time machine or his sports almanac? If you analyze the defenses of Trump from his supporters you’ll find that the only way they can defend him is that Trump might have a time machine.

With His Back to the Future Defense Method Trump Wants Us To Believe He Has A Time Machine:

Trump being caught in a lie, comes out with this grand conspiracy theory that if A happened and then he said B happened, the base comes up with C. In that it really happened because he wanted to B to happen instead of A. We’ve now seen this with Helsinki and Cohen.

1. Helsinki.

A. In Helsinki he said that Russia was friend and he loved Putin. B. Then national outrage happened he claimed he was sorry but the media blew it out of proportion. C. The base claims that Trump is a genius who purposefully trolled Putin in order to make the media go crazy.

Not to mention Would and Wouldn’t.

2. Cohen, this can go deeper than A+B= C but, it’s more clear cut than Helsinki.

A. Weeks ago, Team Trump didn’t care about Cohen’s “fake” tapes because Trump didn’t do anything illegal and that Cohen was a good man who would never betray them. B. Cohen begins saying that he has no loyalty to Trump and that he has to think about family. He releases the first tape. Now Team Trump says Cohen is a liar and is discredited. C. The base claims that Trump had this big plan to bring Cohen down all along…by first being nice to him???

The response of C could have only happened after A and B happened. In both instances variable C could not have been known. Unless Trump had a time machine and after he made the mistake he went to the future to figure out what to do and then claim that he did it! Well perhaps Trump might have a time machine and that he is changing reality as we know it right in front of our eyes. Did Biff I mean Trump see Hillary winning the election and then go back in time and get help from the Russians to prevent it from happening? Or it could mean that he is just throwing poop and seeing what sticks.

John J. Falco