September 23, 2020
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  • 11:10 am HBO Reminds Fans That It Has Other Stuff Besides GOT

Earlier today, news startup Axios teased on social media that they made a deal with HBO to create a series that will highlight politics, business and technology, which just so happens to be the central focus of their website.

While Axios got it’s start only in 2016, it’s pretty popular in the media industry. The site hosts popular conversations with important people in it’s Axios360 presentations which often trend on social media. The site is known among news junkies for it’s well defined user interface, and clean articles with just the facts. Another bonus with Axios? It’s free, and there’s no ads whatsoever!

The new TV series will be a limited docu-series on HBO about the midterm elections to be aired this fall. The Axios special should appeal to millennials and those who are tired of the cable news “entertainment” channels.

This marks the third recent attempt in premium cable’s history to shift into news programming. The New York Time’s deal with Showtime, and Showtime’s own The Circus which was renewed for season 3, have both been success stories. HBO meanwhile has VICE News, and Axios only adds to their lineup as well. Netflix is said to be working on their own News show to rival 60 minutes. If proven successful this might mean that a premium cable channel could launch a 24/7 news service to compete with the likes of CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. I for one would hope that Axios gets it.

John J. Falco