July 8, 2020
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Marvel’s ultimate team-up movie Infinity War, didn’t last 24 hours before footage of the trailer was released online. Reading the written summaries from the people who were in Hall H at Comic-Con that watched the trailer live, and their excitement about how baddy Thanos threw a planet at the Avengers, didn’t matter.

The footage was leaked anyway, despite Marvel’s tight control over the situation. Bad angles, blurry shots, and big head, didn’t stop a sneaky camera on a smartphone from capturing it and uploading it to the internet for all to see. Fans are working hard to keep the trailer up on the streaming website Youtube so that others get a chance to watch the clip.

Marvel is not known to bend to the will of the people, and release the full trailer anytime soon. It’s likely not ready for worldwide viewing just yet. As with most early releases the trailer doesn’t pack quite the punch as it should because you can’t see everything going on and the full CGI effects aren’t ready.

As Marvel and YouTube are working hard to contain the video from getting out there, I can’t post a link, but do a simple search and I’m sure you’ll find a copy.

John J. Falco