August 25, 2019
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During the Time Warner/AT&T anti-trust trial, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson revealed that AT&T was working on a product called AT&T Watch.

The service was revealed to counter the DOJs claim that AT&T continues to raise prices on Direct TV, a different streaming service which AT&T owns.

The catch? There’s no sports, and that’s not a problem for me. Sports are often the most expensive part of any streaming deal for companies to work with. At this time it’s unclear what channels are available on AT&T Watch, but the merger is good news for the service. Technically speaking it can include: HBO and all Turner Networks when the Time Warner Merger goes through. That would put it above and beyond every other streamer out there! Especially since HBO is almost always an add-on cost. Would AT&T buying HBO, mean that it will give HBO away for free?

Stephenson said that Watch will be available in a few weeks and will be free for Wireless customers and $15 for everyone else. Watch would also be a good avenue to push AT&T’s original content channel, Audience, which has put out some interesting original television in the past.

Yet, HBO already has a competitive streaming service option and it’s available through different add-on options for most if not all streaming services. Will this business model change with AT&T leadership? All signs point to no, so you will still likely be able to keep your subscription to HBO if that’s all you care about, but the HBO add ons are usually $15 itself. So how would that work? AT&T has a lot of decisions to make about what happens to both HBO and Direct TV streaming options after the merger if approved. It may mean cheaper prices for all services under the AT&T umbrella. Only time will tell.

John J. Falco