March 31, 2020
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Fox News employees are cheering their corporate strategy of kicking ass and taking names with 66 consecutive ratings quarter ratings wins.

The centerpiece of this holy conservative sanctum is new anchor Laura Ingraham who appears to be shinning despite month after month of bleeding advertisers and controversies. She’s the closest thing Fox News has to a streaming TV show.

Hannity + Ingram = Momentary Gold:

Leading Fox’s Primetime lineup is Trump buddy Sean Hannity who averaged 3.368 million viewers. Eclipsing the competition. Trump favorite Fox & Friends is of course, the number one morning news show.

Yes, as the nation grows older and populism spreads through the world, Fox News remains on top. However, there is a sign of trouble. Fox News’ numbers dominated over all cable news shows clocking in at an average of just 1.409 million viewers. I remember when these averages used to be closer to 5 million viewers.

For Fox News top brass The pro-Trump thing isn’t working. They don’t like being tied down.

This leads me to one puzzling question. Why can’t anybody else replicate Fox New’s success? It’s not like there isn’t an appetite for more conservative or even conspiracy theory type programming. Look at History’s Ancient Aliens, or Infowars. Just ask any conservative and they’ll say there is a liberal media agenda out to suppress conservative TV shows. The truth of the matter is, there just isn’t that much of it out there.

Showtime is rightish. One America is out there but no young people watch it. Netflix is stacking the coffers with big name liberals. So it would be interesting if they ever touch the little bit of conservative programming that is out there. The other options seem to be TVLand, CMT, or Hallmark and they aren’t exactly premium quality entertainment.

If It’s Out There, Where is it?

The problem with conservative programming is that it doesn’t sell, as the Fox News brass was recently overheard complaining about. They know they can’t keep it up. Whatever this new version of conservatism is did not even like the old (establishment) viewpoints. So now it’s skewing towards the mentally incapacitated crowd. Which we all know fraudster Alex Jones has the market cornered on that. It’s interesting that we are NOT seeing a revival in Conspiracy Theory type programming which was pretty popular in the 90s and early 2000s. On second thought, perhaps the CTs are best left for YouTube to deal with.


John J. Falco