June 26, 2019
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Apple has found it’s blockbuster franchise to compete against Netflix and Amazon.

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation franchise is the pinnacle of science fiction, critically acclaimed, and beloved by every science fiction fan out there. Some say it’s the very foundation of modern day science fiction. The Foundation series of novels tells the historical story of the rise and fall of a galactic civilization. It’s scope is huge and it spans generations.

Apple only has a $1 Billion budget to create TV series, and that means that a series of this scope, has to take the bulk of that budget. It cannot have a lackluster budget! Amazon’s LOTR series is already estimated to cost $1 billion itself, and Foundation is a much loftier project.

Foundation is only the latest addition in the battle for big franchises from streaming networks. Disney has got it’s live action Star Wars, Amazon has got LOTR, HULU has Handmaid’s Tale, Netflix has Lost in Space, and Altered Carbon, CBSAA has Star Trek, and HBO has the expansive Game of Thrones universe as well as the sci-fi favorite Westworld. The rights to Foundation comes from HBO after Nolan went ahead with Westworld instead of Foundation.

John J. Falco