November 13, 2019
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Steve Jobs’ baby, born out of his garage in 1976 is now the world’s most valuable company, in history! The tech giant has seen it’s fair share of rumors, but with record breaking iPhone sales year over year, it constantly adds value to the brand without the bells and whistles. Let alone the next big thing: The Apple Streaming Service.

From driverless cars, to big brand name acquisitions, and a failed attempt at disrupting the telecom industry as well as the local TV business. Apple has seen it’s fair share of lofty goals fail in the time since Steve Jobs departed us. Yet, it turns out none of that was ever even needed. With the company’s cult-like devotees locked in, it seems Tim Cook is content with their proven track record of breaking record sales. When it comes to trust and security most of the top companies in the world, cannot even compare to Apple in that regard. It is after all, the most powerful, and recognizable brand in the world as well.

Google and Microsoft have gotten lots of criticism for spying on their customers. Amazon has gotten lots of criticism for becoming a HUGE monopoly and for killing multiple industries altogether. Yet, Apple has seemed to escape this all as it waits in the shadows. I’m not an Apple fanboy by any means, but if it’s security and simplicity that you want (and that’s what society seems to crave), then I’m glad it’s Apple that is the first company to hit $1 trillion.

I think most of the tech companies Amazon, Google, and maybe even Microsoft will get to a trillion this year, in two years at the latest. Facebook has just been burned by a lot of investors so that one is still up in the air.

Apple Still Has to Prove It’s Streaming Service Actually Works:

Google has YouTube. Facebook has Facebook Watch. Amazon has Prime, and Microsoft has Xbox. Apple? Well, Apple has Apple…Music? It’s safe to say that Apple’s upcoming streaming service will take a slice out of the pie of the cord cutting market, and that it’s no joke. Just how much and how exactly it will remains a mystery. Analysts suggest that Apple may be planning to revamp either Apple Music, iTunes or both.

The smart thing Apple should do is revamp everything into iMedia or iContent, like what Time Warner and AT&T did with WarnerMedia. Apple’s current slate of upcoming content is exciting for TV and industry watchers alike. It will be a tantalizing option for consumers, and another revenue stream for the giant technology company.  Ignore the naysayers, Apple isn’t going anywhere.

John J. Falco