October 31, 2020
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As TNT seems to be cleaning up their original programming with the cancellations of Major Crimes, The Last Ship and The Librarians, Apple can save at least one of those shows. Namely the Librarians which has already had an episode all about Apple. OK I’m kidding, but if Hulu doesn’t bite which would be a great choice for it, although they do tend to be more adult oriented and barring that the new Disney Streaming Service is in not in the mood for saving cancelled network TV shows yet. Apple has been craving family friendly content like this no-brainer.

Apple’s model for custom TV shows has been family friendly content. Only. But since it’s announcement that it was wading into the streaming wars, it has taken it’s time to develop a lackluster roster of shows and it’s got no really huge franchise names to prop up its content… Bond. Pending.

While originality seems to be coming back to Hollywood these days, and Apple does seem to be working on very creative (scifi) projects. They need the eyeballs in order to get people to sign up for the service, however it will work.

See what Noah Wyle is holding in his hand in Episode 5????

That’s why Apple needs to call up creator Dean Devlin and nab this franchise before it turns to dust. The original movies (yes it started as a movie trilogy) starred Noah Wyle as kooky book smart nerd who gets a job at the Metropolitan Public Library. Where he finds out that it’s much more than just a library, and that he now belongs to a secret society that protects the world’s legends all of which are true.

It’s a story that has all the trappings Apple has been searching for and that loyal fanbase it so desperately needs.

John J. Falco