June 26, 2019
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Hollywood producers and creators looking for their big break from Apple, might be in for another rude awakening: Dealing with Tim Cook’s massively obsessive content control levels. From the company who raged against the machine called IBM, in the 80s, it’s been noted that Apple is extremely picky and conservative in their TV choices this early on. It sure is shocking to hear what Hollywood has had to say when they pitch a TV show to Apple.

From those in the business whispers are beginning to reveal what type of content Apple wants to include on it’s services. Even if it doesn’t know how consumers might access them. Apple knows it’s brand, but some investors are wondering whether or not it knows it’s audience. Apple is reportedly seeking family friendly content with broad appeal. This means that violence, sex, gore, and even curse words are out! The test a TV show has to pass? It must be fit for the app store AKA the general public; rated TV-PG, maybe even TV-G!

Still Apple has a highly respected Hollywood executive team in place and a $1 Billion budget for shows to release in 2019. Being the opposite of edgy could bring in massive rewards down the line. Apple can afford to picky, but not for much longer…



John J. Falco