January 19, 2020
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Apple’s line-up of TV shows officially has a majority of science-fiction. It’s latest pick-up, a space drama from the developer of Battlestar Galactica Ronald D. Moore.

The space drama will apparently explore what would happen if the space race never ended. Assuming this takes place in the present day, I would be very interesting to see where this goes and what they do with the idea. Knowing Apple and what they are looking for in their TV space, I expect the series to be highly idealistic and perhaps even futuristic. Colonies on Mars, The Moon, and various large space stations all cooperating and working together??? Sounds right up Apple’s alley.

Sadly, I don’t sense any connection to Battlestar because of the violence and the sex that occurred in the series.

Out of four shows, the other science fiction show Apple has ready is Amazing Stories. However, Apple is still quiet about the specifics of the video service itself.

John J. Falco