April 1, 2020
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It was just reported that NBC tried to shut down Mr. Ronan Farrow’s investigation into Weinstein. This seems to me that NBC is scared of another story Ronan is working on and they are trying to discredit him. It’s directly out of the playbooks of all of these men that they have protected over the years. That playbook was likely written by those same NBC executives.

NBC has since called that report a total lie. But it does bring up the question of why Ronan Farrow left the network. NBC has defended the likes of Matt Lauer, Donald Trump, and now Harvey Weinstein. It is not a good look for them. This is the same fake news playbook that all three of these men are using to their defense. Somewhat successfully I might add.

Two weeks ago I suggested that The Daily Beast might have ramped up their own investigation into the Trump Apprentice tapes or at least sexual harassment at the network. It would not be surprising to me if they were working with Ronan Farrow on such an expose and that the story is about to come out. Otherwise, why discredit Ronan now?

John J. Falco