April 16, 2021
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Calls for resignation are being heard around Hollywood as a new potential merger takes shape due to an explosive expose by Ronan Farrow. CBS has felt an earthquake PR disaster of epic proportions. The downfall of Les Moonves has begun. It’s clear that the young investigative reporter who broke the Harvey Weinstein story has found a new target. Perhaps the most powerful man in TV, the CEO of CBS, Les Moonves.

The expose chronicles a culture of harassment at all CBS properties and six incidents related directly towards Moonves. Calls for his resignation are beginning to bubble up to the surface, as analyst see it’s the easiest solution to an already messy fight between CBS brass. For the Redstone family, an expensive surprise solution to complete their dream of a merger between Viacom and CBS.

CBS will have a busy weekend ahead of them, as they are in the midst of a public relations nightmare and a hostile eyes are hungry and ready to pounce on the network. The Redstones will be watching carefully to see if they can use this situation to their advantage. If the stock drops anymore, Moonves could be forced out and then all speed ahead for the merger.

But Farrow’s piece doesn’t just focus on Moonves. It details dozens of other accounts about company culture and the frat club atmosphere at the network. Women do not feel respected there despite, Julie Chen sticking by her husband.

Will this affect CBS content at all? Perhaps.

So questions remain, even if Moonves were to leave with a HUGE golden parachute of about $200 Million. How will the company culture change? Will Moonves exit affect other CBS properties like his passion project CBSAA? Will it affect the Star Trek Universe? Which has already been affected by the #Metoo movement. Star Trek fans need not fear though, Any changes to the CBS/Viacom merger status bodes well for the future of the franchise.


John J. Falco