March 3, 2021
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There have been multiple reports about how the White House is even reacting to the Op-Ed. Most reports are claiming that The President is volcanic, explosive, and furious about Anonymous. There are others that are trickling out that says that the witch hunts within the WH to find the leaker, are fruitless. That The President had plans to use Anonymous as a foil at his rallies, and that Anonymous will only be found if they out themselves.

While being seen as a hero to most Americans, the NYT is running anonymous sources here and there saying that the WH is indeed close to finding Anonymous. Multiple media reports are following the NYT that they too believe the WH is close to finding the source. With no evidence.

To be fair, we can’t judge this properly without knowing the identity of Anonymous. There were some early conspiracy theories circling around that The President himself planted the Op-Ed. That changed to it being VP Pence, but then that changed to VP Pence being framed with the keyword Lodestar. Still other names are being floated, like John Kelly who sees himself as the incorrigible hero, Stephen Miller class-A troll, or Jared Kushner.

Would the public trust Kellyanne Conway?

The most recent scenario is only partially touched upon by MSNBCs Morning Joe in which they speculated that it was Kellyanne Conway: The Queen of Alternative Facts!

It must be pointed out that three out of the four main theories include professional paid liars who have been known to attack the media and bend reality at their will. Whoever Anonymous is knows full well the President’s relentless attacks on the media, and his disdain for anonymous sources themselves. Some critics of the op-ed have called the whole thing a lie and a false flag.

Odd right that the WH response to this so easily fell into motion. Almost like it was designed that way. Yes, that’s because it was! Short of this whole entire thing being a ploy cooked up by the WH, the WH is now currently using the story to further their war on journalism, anonymous sources themselves, and reality.

At first glance you’d think that the WH would want to focus on the Nike Ad, or even mention the jobs report. But what if the communications team figured that those things are going nowhere? That the public already knows the WH’s position on these subjects and they can’t capitalize on those headlines anymore.

The New York Times is complicit:

As things settle down and Anonymous has yet to come forward, one can conclude that the WH sees this as a win! That’s right, let me repeat that. The WH sees the Op-Ed as a win! Remember those conflicting media reports about what is actually happening inside the WH? Remember the conspiracy theories about trollish administration figures Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Miller? Remember that the New York Times has now either agreed to play the WHs game or at the very least Is complicit in covering for them.

It helps the WH too much. It reinforces their idea of a deep state out to get them. It reinforces the idea that the intelligence community cannot be trusted. It spits in the face of anonymous sources and the media for loving them. What it also does is get a bunch of people to basically publicly declare their loyalty to the administration (that is of course if they are telling the truth). It gives way for a purge of anti-trump hold-overs from the Obama administration as well.

I can’t know if the writer of the Op-Ed is John Kelly who has basically been planning a military coup against the President for at least the last year. Kelly who agrees with most of the President’s policies and the way in which he handles the media attacking him. I cannot know if it is Stephen Miller, who’s trollish antics have been well documented since he was in high school. The guy who was seemingly hired to troll liberals and immigrants. Kellyanne Conway, whose husband is anti-Trump and whose views are nothing short of paid propaganda that she has been quoted saying she doesn’t even believe. I also cannot know that it’s a lower staffer or the President himself.

Mike Pence is the only source worth trusting:

The only person who the public would trust is Mike Pence. Who has seemingly purposefully made himself scarce through most scandals that hit the WH. Could it be that easy? Most people don’t think so. Jeff Sessions himself is another hard pill to swallow due to his racist past and SNL persona. But another scenario is that the Op-Ed was written by Sessions with Mueller’s approval.

One thing is for sure, the writer of the Op-Ed has confused the media. Much to the delight of the WH loyalists in particular Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Who armed her army of trolls to go after the Times. Even Trump himself seemed to have had a notion that the writer was female. He said so much at one of his rallies. But if the writer turns out to be Kellyanne Conway will the public forgive her for giving us alternative facts time and time again? If the writer is John Kelly with the support of VP Pence, will the public forgive him for sitting by during scandal after scandal seemingly doing nothing to curtail the President’s itchy twitter thumbs. And I find it hard to believe anyone calling Stephen Miller or Jared Kushner a hero if they come forward as the writer

There may be a deep state ‘resistance’ working against the President among WH staffers. But then the question remains, what makes them stay? It’s certainly not the money, or the future career prospects. If there is such a shadow government and we can’t know this for certain without The President’s anti-trump purge or mass resignations, then it is doing a really terrible job keeping things running smoothly.

Basically the writer of the Op-Ed cannot be trusted. He or she has at one time or another helped implement the Swamp’s agenda. Unless it’s Mike Pence, this isn’t really someone the public can prop up as a hero.

John J. Falco