April 16, 2021
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The New York Governor may have just stepped in it. When on Wednesday, he said “We not going to Make America Great Again. It was never that great,” but has he?

Perhaps the Governor has been watching too much of the HBO media drama The Newsroom. Has he unconsciously taken a campaign slogan directly from the show? The show grew to 2.1 Million viewers in a grassroots anti-establishment fashion when HBO put the first 7 mins of the show online. In the clip Will McAvoy is listing reasons why he thinks America isn’t the greatest country in the world.

As per the summary of the pilot episode,  After delivering a public speech it receives controversial attention. Will’s parent company ACN wants to create a News show out of McAvoy’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude. The Newsroom was a jem during its time and showed viewers the inside looks at how a newsroom operates. Title character Will McAvoy saying that America isn’t the greatest country in the world to a room full of Americans is what led to all the drama in the show, and also the probably the show’s success. The clip has reached over 8 million views long after the show has been cancelled.

John J. Falco