July 20, 2019
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It seems that Megan Fox took the role in Transformers a little too seriously. She may be more than an actress in the series, as she actually believes in the underlying ancient alien mythology sprinkled throughout in the movies.

In a special two hour event highlighting the alien phenomenon, History’s Ancient Aliens got Megan Fox and Williams Shatner to go on the show. Perhaps in an effort to draw some eyeballs. Fans automatically got the connection to William Shatner. The Star Trek captain is a great pull, but why Fox many wondered? Is she just a hot girl who believes in aliens? Or is there something more sinister going on?

It’s been amazing seeing how the ancient alien phenomenon has taken hold in our culture. The series on History has lasted for 13 years and it’s host Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is one of the internet’s foremost memes!

Megan Fox Appears on History’s Ancient Aliens TV Show

Fox herself even says that she is just doing this for fun but, just like most of the show, it’s hard to say if she is serious or not. “I would love to shadow someone and go on digs. I think it holds the answers,” she told interviewer Scott Feinberg in 2016. “I wanna go and really see the real stuff that they are not willing to show the rest of the world; ‘cos they hide all the real stuff, they don’t show us, because humanity would panic.” Yet since that interview in 2016, she seems to be living true to her words. She got on Ancient Aliens anyway.

Just How Powerful is This show Anyway?

The show and what can be only described as the religious belief that aliens have helped developed ancient societies, has grown so big that they have an annual alien conference not unlike comic-con. The “con” is a place where fans can meet with the stars of the show and so-called alien experts. Millions of people around the world believe in the stuff that the show is spouting. Yet, even the creators seem to understand that the show itself is a big con. So that could be why they featured Fox on the most recent episode.

While seemingly mocking it’s supposedly poorly educated audiences around the world. Ancient Aliens was one of, if not the most mainstream TV show that postulated without evidence many of the theories that we see bubbling to the surface in mainstream politics today. From Obama’s Birth Certificate to Hitler’s Pure-bred nonsense about Aryan bloodlines it’s all aliens! Ancient Aliens expertly uses Donald Trump’s method of stating facts without evidence. It has thrown out “mainstream” science for years, and forces people to look elsewhere for answers. When in thirteen years, none have ever been found.

Regardless of the questionable nature of ancient aliens’ science or it’s distributing impact on American society. The TV show is a hit. It is beating actual news shows in primtime ratings! Ancient alien theories get millions of views online, and there’s thousands of hours of ancient alien content on YouTube to be devoured for the curious.

John J. Falco