November 13, 2019
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Amazon just announced a bunch of cool gadgets. The company has leaped ahead to the future and put it’s competition to shame. By putting out hardware products including a new dot, a new smart camera in a partnership with Ring and ADT, a Microwave, and a car bluetooth dongle. It’s beaten both Apple and Spotify to the smart gadget game. It’s building a smart device infrastructure that will attract big names. Meaning that Alexa is not just invading the home but also the kitchen and the car. Amazon clearly wants to be the Operating System of the future. Each of these gadgets are all baby forms of much larger ambitions for the trend-setter, and it seems like nothing, apart from massive government oversight, can stand in it’s way.

Amazon Seems to Have Embraced The Streaming Modding Culture:

What may have went under the radar is Amazon’s new DVR. Wait what? That’s right! Amazon just reinvented the DVR and claimed a hold on part of the TV Spectrum that many thought was long dead. Over the Air TV Channels. But wait? Didn’t the cable companies tell us that Over the Air TV Channels were not to be used any longer? That digital was the much better option. Well, Amazon seems to have sided with the analog crowd.

Taking clues from their own website. What with the success of cord cutters, home brewing their own streaming options. Using a combination of antennas, subscription packages like Aereo, and open sourced streaming software and modded Kodi boxes that run on hacked Fire TVs. Amazon has combined everything into their own ecosystem. Making that process much much easier. No need for messy and often expensive setups using various technologies that do not easily talk to each other and require some upkeep. Nope. Amazon is doing it all now and that paves way for a very interesting Amazon controlled TV future.

Where it Might Go From Here:

I cannot tell you how exciting and game changing this is for the future of TV. If Amazon really wants to invest in this spectrum of the TV market. They can totally conquer the terrible DVR experience from the telecommunication companies like Verizon and Comcast. Completely change our understanding of the cloud DVRs that are on the market supplied by the likes of Hulu and YouTube. Do this by eliminating unskippable ads and subscription fees. And let’s not forget to mention that they have officially brought back the antenna and could invest into converting it those wavelengths to ever better 4K signals.

Some Remaining Kinks that Need to be Worked Out:

This set up isn’t perfect however. You need at least a Fire TV to make the process even that more seamless and Amazon does not have any major hardware partnerships with the cable companies. Such partnerships would allow cable cards or cords to be wired directly to the Amazon DVR. Tivo was partially successful in that, and perhaps that will be an acquisition that Bezos looks at, but it doesn’t seem that he needs to. Amazon has partnerships with the digital divisions of most cable companies. As it offers subscriptions for most of their streaming services through

The new DVR also comes after the release of an Alexa controlled TV Box, after Amazon TV shows win big at the Emmys, and upon rumors that they plan to ramp up their investments on Amazon Prime Originals. That that budget will surpass Netflix’s by the year 2022.


John J. Falco