October 31, 2020
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When partisans start talking about technology. It’s never going to end well for them.

It’s been nearly a month after conspiracy theorist superstar Alex Jones was kicked off all major media platforms besides for Twitter. Conservative media is now going full attack mode on tech/media companies. Claiming that they are adversarial against freedom of speech and conservative views. With secret scary algorithms that target conservatives who have hundreds of thousands of followers on these platforms. Yup I know it sounds just as nutty as it is.

This week was the attack on tech that went nowhere. Donald Trump was going after Google Search results, Tucker Carlson was going after Amazon, Don Jr was going after Facebook, Laura Ingram was going after Google, and Ann Coulter said Google was shadow banning her.

President Trump Talks to Alex Jones Regularly

Alex Jones has always claimed that he was an unofficial adviser to the President. These responses to the tech giants’ supposed treatment of conservatives (while they make backroom deals with them?) only prove him right. The thing is, Alex Jones is NOT a conservative. Unless being conservative these days mean that it’s a platform for conspiracy theorists and lunatics.

There seems to be a want in these circles to have a sort of new media conservative echo chamber like Fox News. Except they all know that it won’t work, otherwise they would spend the money and do it! There was Ello, Peach, Mastodon, and Gab. Remember them? Nope. Neither did I! Yet all promised to be the alternative social media site to take down the big guys. They all promised to support “free speech,” and none have succeeded. Most have even less than a million users and riddled with their own problems.

Infowars is the Best Alternative Social Network that Never Was

For all it’s hype Infowars only has at best 3 Million viewers on it’s now defunct social media pages. Which proves the other caveat. That unfortunately for those of us who follow everyday politics, most people are not political on social networks. Instagram is a shining example of this. It’s a photo social network that rarely has political content. Even if people do occasionally share political stuff, very rarely does the average American voter follow the nuances of bills and laws. Even the Mueller investigation and many of Donald Trump’s many scandals. It’s why those who hate Trump will always hate Trump and those who love him will always love him. Social media may amplify that, but it’s not the sole reason people don’t like conservatives or even the sole reason conservatives feel disenfranchised on these websites. So that leaves a conservative alternative pretty pointless.

A conservative social media platform or a search engine free of liberal content, which is what these people want despite what they claim is pointless. It’s also a really bad business model. If only 3 million people continue to watch Hannity and Trump’s twitter account is filled with fake bots, a conservative social network wouldn’t work any better.


John J. Falco