May 23, 2019
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ABC’s Trump inspired Roseanne sitcom saw a return to Television on Tuesday night with 18.2 million voters viewers. And while much of the mainstream media focused on how it relates to Middle America, and that Hollywood is finally embracing Trump. Shhh don’t tell Trump supporters this. I want to talk about what the ratings mean for the future of TV franchises.

This year in TV we have seen a bit of a dip in franchises, and revivals although American Idol and Will & Grace are success stories, many revival projects have yet to see the light of day or are stuck in limbo.

Long-running TV series like The West Wing, ER, Friends, Seinfeld are all itching to get their shot in the Peak TV spotlight and Roseanne might just take us there.

There’s also something to be said about how Roseanne’s marketing campaign tailored to Middle America, and network TV’s seeming embrace of the rest of the country that’s not NYC and LA. CBS recently renewed military dramas Seal Team and S.W.A.T. and there is a massive fan based movement to get NBC to renew cousin military drama The Brave. While these examples are not franchises, culturally Middle America likes Military Dramas/stuff. It’s also worth noting that Trump has called personally called Roseanne Barr to boast about the success of the show.

Without Tim Allen’s Last Man standing, Roseanne is filling the void many blue collar workers feel when Hollywood doesn’t portray them on TV or in sitcoms. It will soon pave the way for new sitcoms about this type of lifestyle and we may see other revivals like Married…With Children come into the picture¬† sooner rather than later as TV channels prepare to pick up shows for next fall.

John J. Falco