December 3, 2020
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ABC is beefing up it’s comedy powerhouse with one of the world’s favorite futuristic cartoons. Despite being a cultural icon the Jetsons, didn’t actually last that long on TV. It’s original run was only 24 episodes long until it was later revived with 41 new episodes in the 80s.

Leave it up to futuristic visionary Robert Zemeckis known for his work on Back to the Future, another cultural icon about. The concept is an interesting one that can go in various directions. Will the show still take place in 2062? That year was reached because it premiered in 1962 and 2062 is obviously 100 years in the future. 2062 is still into our future, but the show should take place in 2118 or whatever year this show ends up airing on ABC.

What’s lacking in science fiction are brave new futuristic ideas. There are some, but a lot of that is overshadowed by political story-lines and relationship drama. Perhaps a comedy, like how People of Earth make fun of all aspects alien abductions/invasions, can really explore new science fiction ideas.

A new optimistic outlook of the future is needed right now, but while the indie types love to chide anything that’s being remade, rebooted, or turned into a franchise. I’m not so sure that the Jetsons’ is the right vehicle for that. Perhaps something more original, like The Orville is.

John J. Falco