September 23, 2020
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While HBO’s Sharp Objects is the show everyone wants you to talk about, The Sinner has been the drama that everyone is actually talking about. The Sinner was actually a 2017 Drama from the USA Network, and it debuted as cable’s number one new series with over 1.5 million viewers on average. Now, a year later, it seems to be taking over Netflix.

So much so, that many a The Sinner fans wrongly believe that it is indeed a Netflix Original. With good reason, it’s a bingeable mystery drama about a woman who randomly stabs a dude on the beach. If that doesn’t grab your attention. Nothing will.

When it first appeared on USA, it didn’t get that much chatter and the promotion was pretty weak for the show. However, that’s changing as it is constantly trending on Netflix and social media continues to be shocked by the many twists and turns of the show, this summer. It should be good news for The Sinner’s ratings as it comes back for season 2 later this summer, in August.

It just proves to show how out of date TV ratings are. How we might need a separate category for shows that do better on Netflix than they did on cable in the future when it comes to these measuring tools about how popular TV shows are.  Will USA make The Sinner become available that much more quicker thanks to it’s newfound Netflix Fame?

The Sinner and Sharp Objects both are receiving the same amount of ratings on cable TV, but it’s unlikely HBO will give Netflix the rights to stream Sharp Objects, so it’s likely that The Sinner will come out on top in this race of the summer mystery dramas.

John J. Falco