August 14, 2020
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It wasn’t too long ago that the mention of nazis or comparing something to Hitler was a slap in the face of normal political discourse and if you did make that comparison you’d be shunned. Shunned, not only by the very people you were debating, but by basically the entire internet. The blowback would be even worse if you were a public figure.

A loser, not anymore. I held my breath and waited 200 days for Trump to get better. To give him the benefit of the doubt. He has not gotten better and he no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt. Nothing in the ten years that I have been following politics has shaken my core as much as what I saw happened over the past 48 hours. It was the worst speech in American History.

Endless coverage by the media. One off the cuff remark. One scripted speech. One off the cuff press conference. Two sides to Trump. One freaking hypocrite. He has exposed himself as the hypocrite that he is and now, to many Americans it feels like the oval office is empty. Not only physically, but also symbolically. Some feel that if Congress doesn’t take drastic steps to make sure that a Nazi Sympathizer doesn’t return to the White House, that this great American experiment has indeed failed. They are right!

It is clear that Trump was and has been more angry at literally everyone else besides for Nazis, White Supremacists and Racists. By siding with them, and yes he sided with them. He gave them legitimacy. He was celebrated on White Supremacy websites and David Duke tweeted him personally, to thank him for “telling the truth.” He did not. He has not distanced himself from these things. Not by a long shot. Since he has done this I have witnessed what I can only describe as the take-over of the Republican Party by these cowardly idiots. Sure, the Republicans in Congress denounced him, but their cries were outnumbered by the loudest people in the room. The ones defending the freedom of speech, FOR NAZIS, who don’t even believe in it, and one too many empty threats. Those who dare to stand up to Nazis are not worse than or the same as Nazis. We did that before. We stood up and fought them.

Why is it a bad thing to do now?? If you are that principled that punching Nazis in the face hurts your feelings, you might want to get your priorities straight. You can’t be THAT principled. It doesn’t make any sense, it’s impossible, and that’s not a value that any American should hold.  Nazis deserve to get punched in the face, not freedom of speech. Instead of looking to score cheap political points on the internet, all Americans should say that this isn’t what we want in a leader. Trump has completed the transformation of the Republican Party into the party of the alt-right; The Bannon Party.

When he left for NJ last week, I said to myself you know this is going to be very interesting. To see if Trump can contain himself away from the John Kelly shield of denial. I had a strong feeling, a little prediction that we wouldn’t see Trump in the White House again. I said to myself that this was the perfect out. That if he didn’t want to continue doing the job, he can do something so outrageous that it would force him to resign or others to make him. To go down in flames. I do not think he is returning to the WH.

Trump, in New York right now, doesn’t deserve to come back to the White House. The Republican party has to do some soul searching this week and not just denounce. Denounce. Denounce. Congress can easily pass an unconstitutional law, expecting that the President would violate it, and then impeach him for violating it. Then a few years later, remove the law. At this point that is what the Republican Party has to do to save it’s soul, at the very least to keep my membership.

Trump has committed political suicide and there’s no going back. Pence is clearly ready to take over, and the public wants the GOP to do something about it.



John J. Falco