May 26, 2019
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Update: 1990s-Something picked up by ABC!!!

The Goldberg Spinoff was axed, but after yesterday’s ratings, it may see new life.

The future of The Goldbergs franchise is now very much alive, as 1990s -something, beat The Goldbergs in it’s own ratings game. Of course, this was mostly a night where everything else was repeats only losing to Amazing Race and newcomer 9-1-1. It’s also worth noting that it crushed peak 1990s franchise The X-Files in ratings too.

Where 1990s-something ends up is currently in flux. Networks may decide to revive it since the original point of showing the pilot episode was to gauge fan reaction, and it appears to be overwhelmingly positive. I almost never laugh at comedy pilot episodes finding them too bland, but this had me chuckling a few times.

Hulu may be an avenue since the show is outright owned by ABC and Disney may also decide to place it on it’s streaming service in the near future. Either way, ABC should reconsider their decision on the future of this series.

John J. Falco