June 26, 2019
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You’ve got to, “accept that you’ve been conned.” That’s Phillip Price’s advice to Angela before he sets off to war against his archenemy Whiterose setting the stage for season 4, but it’s also one of the most obvious political lines of the entire show. Throughout it’s three season run Mr. Robot has been an unreliable […]

If anyone still watches Mr. Robot, AKA that hacker show, which may or maybe not be science fiction, fans got a rude awakening when the TV show triggered their Amazon devices last night. When a character from the show asked, “Alexa, give me the Daily Five/Nine,” a bunch of Echo’s will automatically tune to a new […]

Zombie fans, have been complaining for years that The Walking Dead has penetrated the Zombie Market and wiped away any hope for a cure. It’s true, The Walking Dead is the ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Franchise, and all others who want to try to challenge Kirkman’s rule, should turn back now! Unless, you’re Brad Pitt. If […]

As Reddit fan theories about the cult hacker series suggest. There are definitely some strange allusions to Science Fiction in the show. Furthermore, Mr. Robot seems to be hinting at it’s biggest plot point yet: Is Time Travel involved? If you couldn’t quite put your fingers on what Mr. Robot is about, no one else really knows […]

Back in 2013 FOX TV premiered a little known science fiction show about robotic police officers that has since become the modern day equivalent to Firefly. It is fair to say that Almost Human was ahead of its time and perhaps debuted on the wrong channel too. Since then cable TV channels like HBO and […]

USA’s The Purge TV Series is set to drop this September and it released it’s first trailer. Which leaves a lot to the imagination. This show along with the critically acclaimed Mr. Robot, is a far cry away from USA’s Blue Skies programming from a decade ago. Yet unlike it’s namesake, USA is seemingly building […]

What the X did I just watch? In the latest episode actor Brian Huskey jumps universes to essentially play the same character he plays on People of Earth and that’s not even the coolest part of this episode. On a normal day, I would talk about how Huskey jumping characters to turn the X-Files into a […]

While I can debate anybody for hours on end about the time travel breadcrumbs that Mr. Robot is most likely leaving around it’s plot in oh so subtle clues. As NBC’s Timeless ends it’s wacky ride through history, it is the first broadcast television show in a slew of time travel shows tailor-made for a […]

Showtime put the first episode of Season 6 of the hit CIA-Drama Homeland online December 30 in order to prevent an embarrassing two year drought. The last time an episode of Homeland aired on Showtime it was December 20,2015. According to my DVR, this first episode is supposed to air on TV, Jan 15, 2017! That […]

Memorable Moments From Established Shows in 2016: Mr. Robot Season 2- With a really slow start to its second season on USA, the hacker drama almost failed in its quest to outsmart its memorable first season. But now fans know never to underestimate the creative genius of Sam Esmail. Mr. Robot redeemed itself in the […]