June 26, 2019
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This time it’s not pizza and child porn rings. 4chan- The Garbage Can of the internet may have actively trolled one of the country’s most high powered attorneys. Ushering in a new era for the troll board.

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer, ironically nicknamed “The Creepy Porn Lawyer,” by the President’s allies has temporarily locked his twitter account. The cause was unknown for few hours this afternoon until Michael Avenatti revealed the reason. The only clue media watchers had was that Avenatti was seemingly attacked by Trump supporters and bots. But it was odd that Avenatti would be afraid of something like that. Unless he had reason to believe that his twitter account was on the verge of getting hacked.

Five hours later the lawyer tweeted the reasons for locking his account and denied the rumors that he was being pranked by 4chan. That the fourth witness accusing Judge Kavanaugh, of sexual assault could be a fake accuser. His post explaining why he locked it was about 4chan/russian trolls posing as that accuser. He insists his witness is being truthful. If he was fooled by Russians/4chan, kiss his presidential run goodbye. Also welcome to the SCOTUS Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Who is currently living in his own Law and Order SVU episode. It would be the ultimate nail in the coffin for accusations the right says are already shady. 4Chan duping Avenatti would be the site’s shinning accomplishment ever since it’s inception, and would give it mainstream attention like it’s never seen before.

What we have is the following account from a 4chan post:

If true, then 4chan could be a new weapon for the Trump Team. Yes, Avenatti would be an idiot for falling for this, but the 4chaner is playing with a BIG fire. This guy takes down President Trump on a routine basis. He mingles with the media and the powerful. He’s not too shabby on his own, and I for sure believe there will be hell to pay for this likely kid if this is the case. The kid even knew this went too far. He’s in big trouble if this post is true.

However, the website will have to tread carefully here. It’s one thing to go around claiming nonsensical conspiracy theories. It’s quite another to go around fooling politicians with pranks. Weaponized by a President with an agenda he desperately wants to protect.

John J. Falco