January 19, 2020
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The WH Christmas Trees look awfully familiar to 12 Monkeys fans.

In the cult sci-fi series, the breakdown of time is often signaled by forests turning from green to red. It’s to forewarn a major disruption in the timeline.

The above image is taken from the show 12 monkeys. I have often speculated that in an alternate reality, the Trump supporters believe that Donald Trump and/or his family are super geniuses who can predict the events of the world and as they unfold they use their trolling powers to get the liberals for the good of the world.

Below is the image seen around the world, which has since been turned into endless memes. But the 12 Monkeys reference is too hard for me to ignore. From the reality bending social media mess that has nearly destroyed the American way of life, to Trump’s piss poor defense strategies as he tries to combat the Mueller probe and various other scandals. It’s the latest hint perhaps Donald Trump is indeed Biff Tannen and that maybe Melania (with her penchant towards trolling) or someone on her staff watches the show in order to highlight Trump’s impact on the timeline.

12 Monkeys actors were getting in on the fun as well.


John J. Falco